Increase the ROI and Impact of
your technology investments

Can!do works with large and medium-sized organisations to maximise the value of their technology investments and business process adoption.

We drive and measure User Adoption at speed and scale by giving enterprise end-users the skills and a Can!do attitude on their digital transformation journey.

Our philosophy is simple: If people understand their role in the business process and have the skills necessary to perform the tasks required, they will perform in a way that contributes to the performance of the whole organisation.

Our methodologies include a range of performance support toolkits, blended learning materials as well as self-directed and facilitated interventions. We tailor solutions that meet the needs of your business and its unique technology needs. Our team has the necessary skills, qualifications and experience required to deliver these blended solutions into your business. We know how to get your people aligned with your systems and processes.

This transformation journey prepares everyone in the organisation so that they are confident and ready to tackle the change with a Can!do attitude.

Our solutions benefit the following stakeholders:

  • End Users
  • Support Staff; super users and business trainers
  • Business Managers
  • Business Process Owners
  • Executives
  • Suppliers

Our solutions fall into three core solutions:

User Adoption: change management and training for large scale ERP implementations, process education and embedment, and digital application solutions.

Capability Development: developing skills in your business and resourcing for your business.

Process & System Compliance and Optimisation: KPI Dashboards, process and system optimisation solutions.

Change Management & Training
We utilise a data driven change management approach to ensure user adoption across all your stakeholders.
Systems Training
Creation and delivery of process-based systems training and education for your end users. This can be a blend of digital, virtual, e-learning and even old-school training.
Business Process Embedment
Is an interactive approach that aligns and educates your users on the process and their role and impact in the business.
Performance Support Solutions
Implementation of in application performance support tools and KPI dashboards.
Learning Management Platforms
Implementation of LMS solutions which enable the design of learning curricula, the administration, tracking and reporting of organisational training interventions.

Can!do Client

“I’m reeling for the amazing Can!do team and the amazing DAP tool. Anything less just wouldn’t make sense.”


Home Loans Strategic Change - ABSA

“The work that Can!do does is so powerful. That they take the user on a journey from onboarding (where they don’t even know what they don’t know) to engagement (where they become aware of what they need to know etc.) to targeted up-skilling (conscious competence) and then post-go live to help them achieve mastery – all the while appealing to their hearts, heads, and hands at each stage.”


Associate Enterprise Architect - Britehouse

“We have enjoyed a productive partnership with Can!do over the last few years, finding synergy between our ethos, our approach and our combined delivery strength to our clients. We look forward to many more happy years of delivering a holistic solution to our clients while focussing on the people aspect of any system or process change.”


Director - Change Agility

“Can!do is a great example of how strong, ethical women possess such leadership in this industry. May we continue to have many years of good health and prosperity for us all.”


Founder of eLearn Solutions

User Adoption

Change management and training for large scale ERP and technology implementations.

Capability Development

Developing your people and enabling them to use your technologies efficiently will drive a strong ROI.

Compliance, Measurement & Optimisation

Comprehensive measurement and compliance frameworks that enables consistent optimisation.

Strategic Relationships

We value the importance of the strategic relationships we have with Oracle, SAP, Whatfix, and Moodle.

Where to find us

Ground Floor, Building 26
The Woodlands Office Park
20 Woodlands Drive
Cape Town
12 Dalmore Ave