Our History

For over three decades, Can!do consultancy has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading providers of new business systems and processes that drive user adoption.


For over three decades, Can!do consultancy has established itself as one of South Africa’s leading providers of new business systems and processes that drive user adoption.

Can!do History Time Line

Established Can!do International
Launched Can!do International to expand our global reach and support customers worldwide with our expertise in digital transformation and ERP migration.
30 Year Birthday!
Celebrated three decades of excellence and innovation in helping businesses transform and thrive.

Established Can!do Learn
Introduced Can!do Learn to provide specialised training and development solutions, enhancing our ability to upskill clients' workforces.
Achieved Level 2 BBBEE Status
Achieved Level 2 BBBEE status, reinforcing our commitment to economic transformation and inclusivity in South Africa.

Opened Can!do People – Offering Robust Change Management Services
Launched Can!do People, focusing on delivering comprehensive change management services to support organisational transitions.
COVID-19 Pivot – Realigned Service Offering to Virtual Training
Adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by shifting our service offerings to virtual training, ensuring continued support for clients during challenging times.
Became Gold Oracle Partner
Achieved Gold Partner status with Oracle, enhancing our capabilities and credibility in delivering top-tier digital solution training and transformation.
Developed Cutting Edge Digital Solutions for Business Systems
Pioneered innovative digital solutions tailored for modern business systems, advancing our clients' technological capabilities.
20 Year Birthday!
Marked two decades of successful operations, reflecting on our growth and achievements over the years.

Welcomed Seattle Coffee Outlets Into the Neighbourhood
Celebrated the opening of Seattle Coffee outlets in our vicinity, contributing to a vibrant and dynamic work environment.
Become a SAP Education Partner
Partnered with SAP Education, expanding our training offerings and solidifying our position as a leader in ERP education.

Expanded Service Offering to Include Modern Digital Solutions
Broadened our service portfolio to encompass a range of contemporary digital solutions, meeting the evolving needs of our clients.
Included Open Source Solutions Into Our Offering
Integrated Open Source solutions into our services, providing clients with training and transitioning services with this flexible, cost-effective ERP vendor.
Established Cape Town Branch
Opened a new branch in Cape Town, extending our reach and service capabilities within South Africa.
10 Year Birthday!
Celebrated a decade of growth, innovation, and client success.
Rebranded the Company to Can!do Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Underwent a significant rebranding to become Can!do Consulting (Pty) Ltd, reflecting our evolving identity and services.
Regroup & Rebuild the Company
Focused on regrouping and rebuilding the company, strengthening our foundations for future growth.
Can!do Loses Half Our Team to a Tragic Airplane Crash
We faced a devastating loss as a tragic airplane crash claimed the lives of half our team, marking a sombre moment in our history.

Took on First International Project – NAMDEB
Embarked on our first international project with NAMDEB, setting the stage for our global expansion.
5 Year Birthday!
Celebrated five years of successful operations and reflected on our journey and accomplishments.

Moved Offices to Woodmead
Relocated our offices to Woodmead, providing a more strategic and accessible location for our operations.

Implemented Official Finance & HR Functions within the Business
Established formal finance and HR functions, enhancing our organisational structure and efficiency.
First Large ERP Implementation with Iscor – Over 1500 Users
Completed our first large-scale ERP implementation With Iscor, serving over 1500 users and demonstrating our expertise in handling significant projects.
Employee Count Number Over 15
Expanded our team to over 15 employees, marking steady growth in our workforce.
Moved into First Corporate Offices – Midrand
Moved Into our first corporate office in Midrand, signifying our growth and professional development.

First Company Cellphone Purchased – Nokia 2110
Acquired our first company cellphone, a Nokia 2110, enhancing our communication capabilities and proving our adaptive nature.
JUNE 1994
Company Open for Business
Officially opened for business, ready to provide exceptional transformation services to clients.
JUNE 1993
Company Started
Founded the company, laying the groundwork for our future success and commitment to client excellence.

We have successfully worked with South Africa’s largest organisations and international businesses to maximise the value of their business process adoption and technology investments.

Our simple philosophy is that if users understand their role and the personal impact they have within a business, they will realise the importance of their role in driving organisational change.

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