Transitioning Organisations From On-Premise to Cloud ERP.

It is the people who use the system, who are able to the realise ROI of the tech investment.
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Building Internal Change Management Capability to Facilitate Seamless Transitions.

Powered by our changebox™ Methodology
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From Project to Business As Usual (BAU)-Sustained User Adoption.

We facilitate sustained user adoption and mastery of new systems.
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Optimising your Technology Investment in SAP Learning Tools.

Unlock the full value and capability of your tech investment.
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Guiding Employees Through Their Digital Transformation Journey

We assist businesses to adapt and thrive in today's digital landscape through digital agility and literacy among employees.
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Can!do - Digital Transformation & ERP Migration Support

We Provide Change Management, Communication & Training Services to Support ERP Implementation & Migration Projects.

At Can!do, we have been dedicated to helping companies transform and thrive for more than three decades. Our expertise lies in assisting organisations in transitioning to Cloud ERP, managing internal change, ensuring sustained user adoption, and providing comprehensive learning tools.

We are committed to facilitating successful digital transformations, enabling businesses to adapt and grow in a fast-developing technological era. With extensive experience, Can!do is your trusted ERP-support partner in achieving operational excellence and driving long-term success. Our capabilities extend globally, supporting customers in off- or nearshore setups with client and supplier teams in Europe and other regions worldwide.

Digital Transformation

Who We Are

Can!do is a leading independently owned human-centric systems change and training company in South Africa that is driven to create jobs, grow skills, harness knowledge, and increase capability within Africa as well as globally.

We focus on driving user adoption through new business systems, supporting hundreds of organisations in maximising the value of their business process adoption strategies. Can!do Consulting delivers customised solutions, builds strong relationships, and provides information at the point of need in a format that meets their requirements to minimise risks and maximise performance with a Can!do attitude. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate effectively with client and supplier teams in Europe and other parts of the world, ensuring seamless integration and support in diverse geographical contexts.

Can!Do Change Management Solutions

Our Core Capabilities

Our core capabilities are designed to ensure seamless transitions and sustained success for your business. Our key areas of expertise include:

We ensure successful user adoption of large-scale system rollouts with tailored strategies for the global market, considering diverse cultures and skill levels.

We prioritise simplicity and transparency to align and integrate all stakeholders, recognising communication as a key driver of change.

We create tailored solutions using tools like on-the-job aids, interactive eLearning, videos, and in-application support, following the ADDIE process for relevance and customisation. We implement and support Moodle as an agile LMS solution and translate training materials into 44 languages, including Mandarin and Chilean Spanish.

We emphasise hands-on training with live environment assistance through “Learning in the Flow of Work” (LIFW), using both virtual and face-to-face facilitation for quick competency.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

We specialise in seamlessly migrating your organisation from traditional on-premise systems to advanced Cloud ERP solutions, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Using our changebox™ Methodology, we empower your team to handle change effectively, promoting a robust internal change management culture.

We support the transition from project implementation to everyday operations, ensuring sustained user adoption and smooth integration into daily business activities.

We help you get the most out of your SAP Learning Tools, enhancing your technology investment and ensuring your team is well-equipped to leverage these resources.

We guide your employees through every step of their digital transformation journey, providing the support and training necessary for them to thrive in a continually evolving technological era.

Digital Transformation & ERP Migration Support


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