August 2, 2023
Embracing the Digital Age: The Power of Digital Adoption for Businesses

We live in an era of constant technological advancements and digital transformation. In this fast-paced digital age, businesses that embrace technology and adapt to the evolving landscape are experiencing unparalleled growth and success. The power of digital adoption has become a game-changer, propelling companies towards new horizons and transforming the way they operate. Understanding Digital...

January 9, 2023
When is change management needed?

Change happens so regularly that it has become inevitable. An online poll revealed that around 70% of organisations experience four significant changes in a five-year period. Businesses can prime themselves for success by implementing appropriate change management.  While some constant incremental changes may not cause a massive disruption to the business, transformational change involves huge...

December 8, 2022
How change management can benefit your business

Change management is a structured process for implementing new tools, systems or roles within a company. It guides this process towards a desired outcome. By supporting people in the business to adopt new ways of working, organisations can become more agile and productive through this period of transformation. Without a carefully planned and structured approach,...

November 16, 2020
Increase Digital Adoption within your Business

What are the best ways to increase digital adoption within your business?   If you want to have better operational performance from the investment you’ve made into your new IT system and business processes, you need to focus on providing employees with the context, insight, thinking, and skills needed to most effectively use the tools...

November 1, 2020
How to Apply User Adoption in the Flow of Work

What is User Adoption? User Adoption is the process in which users achieve their goals by using a product, system or SaaS solution. Simply put, it means getting employees, customers and/or suppliers to use the technology a company has purchased or developed to enable critical business processes within the organisation or within the market.  To...


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