Elevating ERP Project Implementation: A Strategic Communication Approach.

September 12, 2023by Editor


In the realm of ERP projects, the key to success and user adoption lies in more than just technology; it hinges on effective communication and change management. At Can!do, we understand that optimising system adoption and usage during ERP project implementation requires a well-crafted communication strategy that spans the entire organisation.

A Foundation for Success: Strategic Pre-Planning.

Our proven communications strategy journey commences with an in-depth Stakeholder Analysis, often accompanied by a Change Impact Assessment. This dual-pronged approach helps us identify those most affected by impending changes, enabling precise tailoring of efficient communication strategies.

The Change Impact Assessment further unveils the intricate nuances of how these individuals will be affected—how their roles and processes will transform. Additionally, we foster memorability through Project Branding and Communication Templates, and ultimately, we weave these insights into a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated communications and change plan.

Elevating ERP Project Implementation.

Driving an Internal Communication Strategy.

From Executive Teams to End Users:

Our approach begins with driving a comprehensive internal communication strategy that reaches all levels of the organisation, from executive teams to end users. We believe in keeping everyone updated, engaged, excited, educated, and well-trained throughout the ERP project journey.

Empowering Executive Teams:

Communication is crucial at every step. We empower executive team members by keeping them informed about the progress of the ERP system implementation. This, in turn, enables them to actively engage with their management teams, super-users, and end users. With the executive team’s involvement and understanding, a ripple effect of enthusiasm and commitment cascades through the organisation.

Super-User Engagement

Super-users, our early adopters and ERP experts within the organisation, play a pivotal role in our communication and change-management strategy. As evangelists super-users upskill their fellow team members. Through targeted communication, we harness the expertise of these super-users to accelerate system adoption in the broader organisation.

Sharing Success Stories

Success stories are powerful motivators. We captivate users by sharing stories of employees who have played key roles in the ERP implementation process. Highlighting their contributions not only supports the current implementation but also encourages users to embrace the new system. We showcase how employees are adapting to the new system and share insights on its user-friendly aspects.

Education and Training

Education is at the core of our strategy. We guide users with shortcuts and direct them to instructional resources, including how-to videos about the new ERP system. To keep users well-informed, we communicate how each phase of the ERP project implementation will impact them and when it will happen.  This communications strategy creates a sense of preparedness and assists with user adoption.

Education and Training

Multi-Channel Communication

Our approach employs various communication channels:

  1. Email Campaigns: Targeted emailers provide updates, insights, and educational content, ensuring users are well-prepared for changes.
  2. Townhall Meetings: Interactive townhall sessions offer a platform for open discussions and addressing user concerns.
  3. Team Meetings: Smaller group meetings foster team cohesion and provide an opportunity for Q&A.
  4. Video Communication: Engaging video content hosted on Learning Management System (LMS) training portals ensures users can access information at their convenience.  This creates a sense of connectedness with the ERP system and fosters user adoption.
  5. Face-to-Face Training: Classroom-style training sessions offer personalised guidance.

Fostering User Adoption

Effective communication strategies empower businesses to increase user adoption as part of their ERP project implementation change management process. By keeping users informed, engaged, and motivated, organisations can successfully navigate the complexities of ERP system adoption.


At Can!do, we transform ERP project implementations by harnessing the power of strategic communication.

For decision-makers looking to optimise ERP system usage and foster user adoption, Can!do Consulting stands as your partner in success. With our tailored communication strategies, we ensure a smooth transition and an enthusiastic embrace of your new ERP system. Join us in revolutionising the way your organisation approaches ERP project implementation through strategic communication and change management.

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