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December 7, 2022by Editor

Change is inevitable and businesses need to keep up in the age of remote working and rapid digital transformation. This requires constant evolution and adaptation through skills development. Employees must know how to work with new technologies and become familiar with updated processes.

This needs specialised knowledge and expertise in change management and instructional design. Consider hiring a professional partner to manage your employee upskilling. Can!do is a leading consulting company in South Africa, with around 30 years of expertise in training, support and change management. 

We improve employee skills, facilitate digital transformation and increase the capabilities of South African companies. One of our unique offerings is customised training material development for your company. We research, compile, curate and distribute bespoke training materials to your employees, which include hardcopy notes and e-learning guides. These enable people to learn on the job, even after the training course has ended.

The importance of custom training material

Every company is different and so too should the learning materials used during training sessions. Each business will have unique goals, so the approach taken in training employees should also be bespoke. Can!do specialises in this field, offering our customers training materials that are relevant to their needs and specific targets.

While a generic approach to employee training may work, research has found that people tend to fall back into their old ways of working within a few months if they do not practice the new processes regularly. Customised training materials are more relevant to employees and are more likely to have a lasting impact on them.

These materials can be referred to over time, enabling employees to learn in the flow of work and stay fresh. If they get confused with new tech or forget a certain process, they can simply check the notes in the training material and refresh their memories. It allows them to stay abreast of the tools and methodologies that the company has implemented.

When employees default back to old ways of working or outdated technology, it can undermine digital transformation and impact the company’s investment in change. Can!do takes a personalised approach to make employees feel confident in their new skills by offering continued support through the learning materials.

Can!do emphasises lasting results

Can!do adopts a practical approach to training and skills development. Our courses are easy to understand with simple language. This ensures tangible changes and a better understanding of the training material. However, our job is not done once the training sessions are complete.

We track the changes and progress along every step of the way. This measurement is a performance-based approach to change management that is backed by continued support for employees through the training materials. The end of any project is actually the beginning of the journey for employees, so this support will help companies to avoid reverting back to the old ways of working.

By using a range of tools, blended learning materials, self-directed interventions and ongoing support, Can!do empowers employees to grow and succeed in a rapidly changing workspace. These strategies are tailormade to suit each client’s needs. For more information about our services, please contact us today.


Can!do works with large enterprises in South Africa to maximise the value of their employees, technology and business processes. To do this, we offer three fundamental services; change management, capability development and performance optimisation

We have 30 years of experience in these fields and have worked with leading companies in South Africa. We are a certified Level 2 B-BBEE company and a leading provider of new business systems and processes that drive user adoption. For industry insights and news, please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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