Agile On the Job Learning

September 12, 2014by Can!Do1

The idea of on the job performance support is an emerging global trend that is challenging the status quo of training on an international scale. It is built on the premise of offering a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training solutions, by offering staff real time on the job performance support tools. It ultimately ensures that the end product of training interventions survive in the workplace, by providing staff what they need, at the moment the need arises, as they are doing their work.

Performance support is not about creating more work, it is about applying what has already been learnt within a practical work context, for more impactful, lasting results. It is about repurposing what has already been learnt in the classroom, so that it can be practically applied to each person’s job requirements and performance targets.

Check out our video to get a practical perspective on how performance support is transforming the corporate learning eco-system – a great eye opener for SA businesses!

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    September 29, 2014 at 9:07 am

    excellent video …. exceptionally clear and easy to follow !


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