Boosting customer service through integrated systems

One of the most pressing and crucial issues impacting SA businesses is the gap between the sales/marketing promise and the operational delivery i.e. the customer service experience. This gulf between the front-office and back-end of the business often results in a customer journey that is inconsistent, inefficient, and often extremely frustrating for customers… Read full article

There’s more to training ROI than bleeding-edge technology

Although we are living in an digital economy with new waves of technology enveloping the business world on a daily basis – from a practical perspective the gaps presented in existing systems and process should dictate the types of technology that business invest in. As logical as this may seem, many local businesses tend to get swept away by some of the impressive tech solutions available in the market today and use the technology to dictate their training strategies… Read full article


Are SA ERP Users Lagging Behind?

A critical issue that we have observed over the years has been the chasm between the skills of SA workers and the competencies that they need to use complex enterprise business applications to their full potential… Read full article

Some valuable lessons from process manufacturing ERP implementations

Eric Kimberling gives some interesting insights into how “ERP failures” can be converted in to valuable insights and learnings. Multiple challenges through complex ERP implementations, create opportunities to continually reflect on and improve the methodology used… Read full article


Agile on the job learning

The idea of on the job performance support is an emerging global trend that is challenging the status quo of training on an international scale. It is built on the premise of offering a powerful alternative to traditional classroom training solutions, by offering staff real time on the job performance support tools… Read full article

SAP software seeks road map to the clouds

In an article published in Business Day, we see an exploration of the concept and fast growing trend towards Cloud Computing i.e. shifting the delivery of software via the internet as opposed to physical servers… Read full article


Fixing your social learning network

Although many employees will say that informal learning is more valuable, according to an article published in Clo Media the engagement rate in many social learning programmes is surprisingly low. This article unpacks the elements that are needed in order to facilitate real and meaningful learning i.e. knowledge transfer within social learning networks… Read full article

Six tips for writing better e-learning scripts

The secret to successful and engaging e-learning programmes is in the writing. In her article published on the ASTD website, Cammy Bean offers tips and insights on how to present and unpack information to enhance interest and engagement in e-learning programmes… Read full article


Unlocking systems efficiencies: people vs tech

It's so interesting to note the number of organisations who place a higher importance on the technical architecture of a system and process rather than on the people who enable both… Read full article


The dullest, most vital skill you need to become a successful manager

Walter Chen explores the effectiveness and consistency of written communication when managing teams… Read full article
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